Commercial Lighting Efficiency Consultants

Light Source – What is the most efficient for you

Light Controls – Make sure it’s only on when you need it

Education & training – Securing you short and long term saving

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btn-servicesAt TGLC UK we have developed a structured approach to help business which use lighting as an integral part of their operations to reduce costs, both in the short and longer term. We help you to reduce your carbon footprint and any obligations you may have as part of CRC.

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Case Studies:

btn-casestudiesWe have provided solutions for a wide range of clients from retail to warehousing, to hotels, to Fire Stations.

In each case the savings made have ranged from 50 to 85%. Pay back periods can be tailored specifically to suit individual clients’ needs.

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Savings Calculator:

btn-calcWarning! Power costs can go up as well as higher, might be the warning to the wary.

We can provide you with a savings calculation based on your existing lights, and the amount of use per day.

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