May 26, 2017

“Flicker Risk” and its effects on kids

According to the study by Lux Review, four-fifths of UK children are facing health risks (including anxiety, migraines, headaches) from over-exposure to flickering lights at school. School’s usage of old lighting systems (heavily reliant on Fluorescent Lamps) creates a ‘flicker’ effect. This effect is caused through a working process of the magnetic ballasts; the light…

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May 17, 2017

Why Enhanced Capital Allowance could save you thousands

Enhance capital Allowance (ECA) is a UK government scheme to encourage investment in energy-efficient products to reduce carbon emissions. For a government scheme, this fund is underutilised. In this blog, we’ll walk you through what it is and how to get it. How the fund works ECAs are claimed through the tax returns between the period…

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March 30, 2017

New Day, Old Colours, Same Cycle

Human Centric Lighting. It is not the first time we addressed this topic, nor shall it be the last. We came across an interesting article in LEDs Magazine not too long ago regarding ‘lighting’s effect on the workplace and individual performance’ and wanted to share it with you. Please read on.   “.. Too much blue…

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February 21, 2017

The Internet Of Things has a Bright Future

Internet of Things (IOT) – The connection and communication between mechanical devices. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology have been elemental in enabling the existing/potential wireless relationship between devices. The initial attraction was observing the manipulation of one device through another (much like a Remote-Controlled car) but as time went on, it was the significance of data…

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February 14, 2017

Positioning of Circadian Rhythms

Circadian rhythms have become more and more a trending topic within the lighting industry. The call to acclimatise lighting geared closer toward your natural 24-hour cycle has led to multiple developments in reducing negative effects or boosting positive influences on ‘sleep-wake’ cycles, hormone release, body temperature and more.   Are these Rhythms fact or fiction?…

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February 13, 2017

Salix Fund helps Academy’s keep efficiency resolutions

The ‘Salix Energy Efficiency Fund’ (or SEEF) is a Government-backed Funding pot for Academies. It has been developed in partnership with the Education Funding Agency (EFA) focusing specifically on encouraging the growth of energy efficiency projects. All academies – including ‘Multi-Academy Trusts’ (MATs) as well as sixth form colleges (SFC) – have now been granted…

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January 12, 2016

The well being of students in Schools

Can the lighting systems you employ really have a legitimate effect on the performance of your pupils? The theory behind ‘Human-centric’ lighting is still quite young, yet particular aspects of lighting (such as tone, colour, brightness, intensity) have always exerted specific influence on human beings. The Manufacturer ‘Zumbotel’ claims a retailer saw sales increase by…

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January 4, 2016

Funding options for Independent Schools

The demands on cash flow and budgets are the same in the private/commercial sector as they are in the public sector. There is always a need to invest in new technology, purchases that must be balanced against the available cash resources. Independent schools should therefore look to different funding options if they are to cope…

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December 7, 2015

‘Surrey’s Christmas gift’

It is no shock to School Bursars/Business managers, how difficult it is to run a school on a tight budget. So we congratulate Surrey County Council for taking the step forward to encourage local schools to obtain funding for green investments that effectively improve energy efficiency (Snippet from internal communication below). Schools which have pursued green ventures,…

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July 1, 2015

Timing the Cheapest Revamp

One of the major dilemmas of today – both commercial and domestic – is still the high short term cost of LEDs vs its high long term benefits. We know that on average, it takes a short while to recover money spent on LEDs through savings, and though we have seen a major decline in the cost for the diodes over…

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