Courtyard Guildford

An independent high-end ladies fashion retailer with branches in Guildford and Petworth. The store is located in the main shopping area of Guildford.
The main lighting in the store was entirely provided by 50watt 12volt MR16 spot lighting. The shelf displays were only partially lit by fluorescents. On both types of the lighting the client was disappointed by the performance of the lights and frustrated by their ongoing maintenance costs.

Client Brief

  • Reduce energy consumption.
  • Improve lighting consistency on display areas.

Solution Provided

A combination of LEDs (6watt MR16, 6 & 15 watt downlights) were used as a replacement throughout the store. We worked with the majority of the existing lighting layout. However, by using the larger wattage downlights the numbers of fittings in the ceiling were reduced in total from 91 to 76. Low voltage light bars were added to the display shelving that had a higher CRI then the old fluorescents, so improving the quality of light on the display items.