Do you need to Spend to Save?

April 16, 2015


There is a great deal of financial pressure upon the shoulders of Head Teachers who try to improve their school with every fissure of their being. Wouldn’t you agree?


You would have thought, with this reality in the balance, something would drive these hard-working troopers to seek refuge from wherever possible, instead of playing the poor hand dealt right?


You would be surprised.


A lot of Grant Maintained schools are in fact not aware there exists a wealth of solutions for schools that generate funds using nothing more than the gratis, hassle-free opportunities before them. Don’t believe us?


We found that on average, GM institutions tend to be completely unaware of initiatives like “SALIX”. A programme that figuratively launches funding for schools, to kick-start green projects.


Principally – you get money, to save money.


Green projects – as you may very well know – have major impact on organisations and business alike! Not only have they been landing Academies in the green financially, but also energy and publicity-wise, strengthening their position.


It’s true! Schools need no longer be out of pocket when looking to invest in energy saving solutions.


Statistically, it tends to be high performing Academies that are aware of initiatives like SALIX, or even TGLC (the company that handles funding processes and efficiency projects on your behalf from start to finish), it is essential for their survival and more-so competitiveness.


If you are in this position of needing to reduce your energy cost, can you afford to not find out more? How long for?
Is it not reasonably presumptuous to say you owe it to your school, your staff and your pupils to take further steps, be bold, and step out of the norm? Find out more.


[Image from ‘The Telegraph’ – ‘Energy firm’s mega blunder: the £500m electricity bill’]

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