Salix – The Gift that keeps on giving

April 30, 2015


Not enough schools are asking – Who is Salix, and why do they want to help us?


The biggest problem currently on the desk for the funding experts ‘SALIX’ is holding too much money!  It has been a problem in existence from their very beginning, just over a decade ago.


As we stand today, there is upwards of £5m set aside solely for “Grant Maintained” schools to kick start their own green projects (and that’s England alone).  Salix have generated £90 million of savings for schools, representing an average 65% saving on schools current (lighting energy) costs.


To date, Salix has invested £302 million through a combination of Government departments; Department for Education (DfE), Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) and Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE).


Yet astonishingly, schools are still not taking advantage of the scheme. Year after year, initiatives and campaigns are used to inform schools about the sum of money available, which is 100% interest free and self-funding from the savings made, but the message struggles to get across.


Nevertheless, Salix is well on its way to saving tonnes of money and energy for schools (


  • They have delivered more than 12,000 projects
  • They have a wide range of funds available
  • Very experienced in what they do
  • Backed by government
  • Have refined the programme to an easy, streamlined process that only requires a maximum of four man hours in management time from beginning to end


Have you taken advantage of Salix yet? We would love to know…




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