Savings Calculator

img-calculatorOur online calculator is currently under development, but should be available very soon. This will enable you the opportunity to see for yourself what your potential savings could be by swapping your existing lighting to a more energy efficient option.

In the meantime please e-mail the following information to our projects team and they will calculate the savings for you.

It will help us to know:

  • How much you are charged per kilowatt hour for your electricity
  • The type and number of lamps you currently use- fluorescent/halogen spots/energy saving/flood lights for examplet
  • The wattage of each
  • The number of hours per day
  • The number of days per year e.g.. 5days a week = 250, 6days a week = 300, 7days a week = 365

We will be able to work out dependent on the information you give us, the amount of savings on your bills, and the reduction in carbon dioxide emissions.