‘Surrey’s Christmas gift’

December 7, 2015

It is no shock to School Bursars/Business managers, how difficult it is to run a school on a tight budget.

So we congratulate Surrey County Council for taking the step forward to encourage local schools to obtain funding for green investments that effectively improve energy efficiency (Snippet from internal communication below).


Schools which have pursued green ventures, continue reaping the benefits of a more efficient school. The funds allocated to green investments are provided by Government schemes such as Salix.

Alongside their current energy goals, Surrey County Council (SCC) have communicated to schools within the county, that they are now encouraging ‘alternative means of funding’ for local schools.

The council had a forecasted £13m spend toward increasing energy efficiency within maintained buildings between 2009-2014. A number of schools unfortunately could not fit into this carbon reduction programme – due to budget limitations – and continue to operate at high energy consumption/expenditure.

This encouragement to schools supports the councils three main targets for 2015-2019 (‘Value for money’, ‘Carbon reduction leadership’ and ‘Wider health & ecological benefits’).

Surrey Council have listed only a few organisations that specialise in helping schools facilitate Government funding for these investments. With the knowledge and expertise of these organisations, schools divert little attention from core activity as the process is handled on their behalf.

The attractive points about the proposition is the little time, no risk/capital required for the process (with some organisations).

Which school could afford not to explore this avenue? They should ensure they follow up on the councils guidance, opportunities such as this do not come around often.





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Extract – Internal Correspondence

Image – http://cuidardacasa.com/dicas-para-poupar-neste-natal/





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