The Internet Of Things has a Bright Future

February 21, 2017

Internet of Things (IOT) – The connection and communication between mechanical devices.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology have been elemental in enabling the existing/potential wireless relationship between devices. The initial attraction was observing the manipulation of one device through another (much like a Remote-Controlled car) but as time went on, it was the significance of data collected and the developments in the lighting industry that drew our attention.


Let’s give an example

It would be great to install a lighting system for a shopping centre that can be controlled from a singular location and more so interesting if that system had remote access features available to pre-approved administrative users around different parts of the centre.

However the real excitement in this scenario would come from a system that uses sensors to automatically track data through light usage all around the entire building from store to store, providing solutions to reduce usage or costs, adjusting annual rent quotes to different stores based on usage and even perhaps mapping out consumer behaviour by observing their shopping patterns.


Fear of Autonomy

Whilst applications such as these are exciting, trepidation surrounds machines being granted full autonomy, because although it may seem inane to let the ‘fear of the unknown’ stand in the way of progress, lighting has such an important function industry to industry that mistakes/failures can rarely be afforded. Our expectations for smart and sufficient lighting are rising, but it may be a long way yet before we can leave lighting solutions up to self-sufficient systems.


Where from here?

Without a doubt, inter-machine learning/maintaining is where we are headed (systems upgrading systems based on gathered data). This will affect our interaction with lighting, our process of control and our concept of privacy as connections within big data become more extensive and arguably intrusive. How much will then become too much and when?

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